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    Despite the fact that he has been crazy about music since he was a child and was raised in the midst of a family of good musicians, Thiago – also known as DJ Big T- was never really interested in learning how to play an instrument. Nevertheless, this Brazilian DJ from Sao Paolo is a good collector who has always felt the need to unearth the fruit of his research and “crate digging”. 

    In 2003 he was first exposed to DJ equipment at a workshop organized by Pragatecno, in Salvador – Brazil, his hometown since 2000.

    In June 2004, he was invited by Marcio Santos also known as DJ Oliver Jack and thus obtained his very first gig. Since that party, DJ Big T managed to create his own spot on the map: he made a name for himself in the “DJing” scene by uncovering his great music collection and good mixing skills. As a result of this successful exposure, a few months later, he was playing at every big club in town.

    The new uprising DJ later travelled to Australia where he lived for one year and having the opportunity to do some sets in Sydney.

    DJ Big T is a tall Hip-Hop, Soul Funk and Drum`n Bass DJ living now in Switzerland and eventually doing some lounge intellectual (funk, soul, jazz, brazilian beats, oldschool hip hop…) sets. He already performanced alongside big DJs like: Marky, Patife, Bungle, Calibre, Utah Jazz, Makoto, Doc Scott, S.P.Y., Total Science, Artificial Intelligence, Audio and many more.

    Living in Geneva for over 5 years now, Big T has already performanced at all the main venues in the city and has already his spot as a local DJ.

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